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Semaphore POS

The Semaphore POS system combines a user-­friendly interface with exceptional speed and Nlexibility to provide a powerful, yet affordable automated management system. Semaphore POS excels in the areas of streamlined transaction entry and the ability to quickly locate information through robust reporting and lookup functions. The system includes many features typically found only in high-­priced proprietary systems. Semaphore POS captures complete transaction details at the "Point Of Sale". Transaction history and real-­ime database records are stored indeNinitely, so your valuable data is always ... only a keystroke away!

Semaphore POS includes customizable Toolbars for convenient access to frequently used functions and macros for repetitive tasks. Access to the system and your valuable data is protected by a multi-­level security system with encrypted passwords and a hidden audit trail capable of recording each and every keystroke if necessary.