AssetsAdm - a software built on Cloud technology that encompasses the optimal life cycle management of assets maintenance, audit, tracking and document management via web and mobile apps.

It enables organisations with insights for implementing various maintenance strategies such as time-based preventive maintenance, condition-based maintenance. and predictive maintenance using remote monitoring to improve product uptime.

Companies can lower the cost of ownership by reducing costly repairs, increasing the product lifecycle, and improving product performance.

It provides easy access to complete product service history, warranty and contract entitlements, maintenance events, and product usage & conditions helps protect assets, increase equipment life time & improve system reliability.

Maintenance management facility
AssetsAdm provides opportunity to reduce downtime and maintenance backlog with all the real-time performance data like total usage and scheduled maintenance. The latter being essential for avoiding unplanned downtime, which is costly for business operations and revenue, some of the key features.

• Streamline - Streamline all maintenance activities and processes.
• Improve - Grow maintenance program to generate revenues.
• Reduce - Reduce excessive expenditure on equipment procurement and maintenance.
• Grow - Gain actionable insights to drive product and service quality.

Service request and Work order facility
• Control over Technicians
• Easy retrieval of Work Order
• Easier asset identifications , Reminders & Escalations
• Service level Arrangement with suppliers and technicians for high productivity and high quality output

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